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Take the fear out of deploying a GNU/Linux Server within your network and possibly save thousand(s) of dollars in Licensing Fees - All while ensuring that your servers run one of the most stable Operating Systems available today, Suse Linux Enterprise Server.

I have been deploying Suse Linux Enterprise Server as the main Network Server Operating System for nearly all the networks I manage since 2004. I wrote an article for highlighting the advantages SLES has over Microsoft's Windows 2003 Server (yes, in my tests it is quite a bit faster and is priced as little as 1/10th the cost). Yet, whoever I talked to about setting up SLES for their network, there still was a feeling of uncertainty in deploying a GNU/Linux system. So I wrote another guide for showing how easy it was to setup a SLES server for a Windows Domain Environment.... still uncertainty seemed to prevail (Note that the above article is a little dated and a few key steps are missing for a proper deployment).

After time (and many deployments that turned out to be "maintenance-free") I tracked down this uncertainty to a feeling of "What would they do if something went wrong?" So, to alleviate this problem I set out to compile this book that did 3 things:

1. Make it easy for any Administrator to successfully deploy Suse Linux Enterprise Server, even with little or no GNU/Linux experience.

2. Provide instructions for basic tasks that a Server Operator may encounter, such as ensuring everything is backed up, how to add additional storage and resize volumes, etc.

3. Finally, I wanted to ensure that anyone that needed to "Administer" the server would be able to have all of the information readily available to them even if they had never seen the server before. To do this I created quite a few worksheets at the end of the book that you can fill out that will help you document the entire installation.

So, this book...

  • Provides Information necessary to successfully Deploy Suse Linux Enterprise Server within your enviornment for nearly every network service that you may need
  • Includes "Step by Step" Examples covering how best to configure various services
  • Includes over 30 Different Worksheets to help you plan and Document Your Server

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