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This is the (hopefully) complete list of file downloads I have available.

Custom Built GNU/Linux Packages

With very broad patent laws, as well as highly restrictive copyright laws, most GNU/Linux distributions cannot provide all of the packages needed for many multimedia tasks. This along with some Distributions simply not providing all of the packages that I use on a regular basis has forced me learn the dark art of building RPM based packages.

I try to have any package that I build (within reason) available for download.

Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop Packages

openSUSE Packages

NIMA Virtual Machine

Is your Internet connection slow at times ? Do you have the feeling that 1 or 2 people on your network are hogging all of your bandwidth ? If so, you may want to check out my Network Information & Monitoring Appliance.

Using NIMA you can easily see where all of your Internet bandwidth is going and who is using it. This is a must have tool for any Network Administrator that manages any network that is connected to the Internet.

NIMA Version 2 also brings you the ability to install NIMA onto a machine to utilize as a Firewall/Router for your network.

Download NIMA here

Windows SPE Templates for Samba

I tend to be kind of a perfectionist when it comes to computers (especially regarding the networks I maintain). So, when I decided to seriously deploy Samba Servers instead of Microsoft Servers I needed to find an alternative to Microsoft's AD Group Policies.

After some research, I simply decided to write various Templates for Microsoft's System Policy Editor to allow me to provide the same functionality as Group Policies while using Samba Servers.

It turns out that for all Windows NT versions up to Windows XP Professional, the System Policy Editor works extremely well at managing computers and users on your network.

Download these Templates, and get more information here

Powershell Scipts

Coming Soon

Various Kixtart Scripts

Since I am a very effective (some call this lazy) Network Administrator, I have created quite a few utilities to handle all of the mundane tasks of managing Workstations on the network.

Ranging from automatically installing applications to remotely shutting down / restarting computers, these utilities can greatly increase your productivity as a Network Administrator.

Yes, you too can have your co-workers be simply amazed at how quickly you can "roll-out" application updates. Little do they know, that you really do "barely lift a finger" - and that is to simply click on the mouse :-)

Get these utilities here

Android App

I wrote a few Android Apps, one that I released to the public is USNewsWar and can be downloaded here

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