Misc Documents

This page has links to all the documents and articles that don't really fall into any other category. Additional artilces will be added as I write them.

Different Network Types - July 2004 - This article describes the various types of networks you can implement to accomplish what you want to accomplish for the price you are comfortable with. This was originally written when my consulting business was just getting started to draw in more business.

Locking Down Firefox Settings - 2007 - A guide to show you how to successfully lock down settings within Mozilla Firefox so your user's can't adjust them. This article has been updated as Firefox has evolved.

Guide to Mozilla Firefox Extensions - 2005 - This article was originally written for Flexbeta and had gathered over a million hits - since Flexbeta is no more I copied the article here.

Binary & Hexidecal Introduction - 2002 - Even though this article is nearly 15 years old, I still get people from around the world telling me they used this in their class to teach the basics of the hexadecimal and binary numbering systems

Introduction to OpenOffice.org's Styles - 2007 - This was one of the many tutorials I wrote for a school I worked at, the other ones they are still using and won't release the copyright to them. A very good introduction to using Styles within a Word Processor.

Computer Buying Guide - 2003 - A very dated guide to buying a computer - I might update this sometime, but probably not.

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