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US News Wars Android App

It has been nearly a year since my last news post. I finally did update the site a little bit, as well as add a new Android Application to the Google Marketplace. For those iPhone users, sorry I will not code for that platform, not only is it not open, but Apple controls it with an Iron Fist.

Anyway, the US News Wars Application is available here. For those who don't run an Android device, I put pretty much the same information the app provides in the "U.S. News Section" of this site.

It was pretty interesting writing for the Android Platform, this was the first mobile app I wrote and I can't believe how fast the toolset changes. I decided to go with a TabHost interface and right before I finished the app, that feature was put on the deprecated list. I guess for my next app I will focus on getting a more modern look and feel. Stay tuned.

More Site Tweaking

I have "tweaked" this site since once again since I haven't really do too much independent consulting lately. I am currently contracted out at a "Fortune 500" company in helping maintain their "Enterprise Applications" on GNU/Linux and MS Windows Servers (Mostly Oracle and Microsoft Products).

Since this site is in somewhat of a transition, there will be holes (everywhere). Also, I am in the process of uploading quite a bit of new articles relating to Oracle and MS stuff. I have also been testing various distributions as I am seriously thinking about getting away from Suse since the future of that distribution is unknown (and the immediate past has been plagued with bad decisions). So keep an eye out on stuff relating to me trying all these distributions.

Finally, The latest Firefox pretty much Rocks - and thanks to Landon Veitch I was able to update the Firefox Lockdown Guide to include information relating to Firefox 4.

Hope you find the new design easier to read and the content enjoyable. I will work on filling the holes in the near future, as well as clean up the print style sheet so when you decide to have a hard copy of one of my articles they will be easy to read (and won't include the ads or navigation stuff).

Older News

I updated my IPTables Script to be used with Linux Servers. I am in the process of researching a new book idea and will add additional content here as I progress.

I have finally finished an Addon CD for Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 Service Pack 1. This release has taken quite a bit of my time over the last 3 months, but everything seems to be working 110%, SLED11 SP1 is truly awesome. Right now you can download the Addon CD using a Bittorrent Client. Also, if you like the AddonCD, please donate using the button at the right.

I also write in collaboration with others regularly for Kernel News on various Linux Topics. There is a list of articles that I helped out on toward the bottom of this page. If you have an interesting Linux Topic I should look into, Contact Me with your ideas.

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