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Resurrecting the Site

This site has been pretty inactive between 2012 until the end of 2016. I have decided to start posting my personal notes and articles/guides in hopes it helps people (as well as provide me a known place for all my notes ;)

During the redesign (it works well on mobile devices thanks to Bootstrap) I decided to make 1 html page to be 1 complete guide/article. I tried to add a redirect for all previously existing pages that are no longer available so you are taken to the appropriate new location, but YMMV.

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Latest Articles

As I add new articles/notes to this site I will post a link below.

SCOM PowerShell Examples - Scripts that I use to Maintain SCOM

Web Apps

I am in the process of re-designing my US NewsWar Android app (and others) as a simple Webpage that works well for mobile devices. Note that I have abandoned Android development for now due to the changes in the Playstore EULA.

Once they are complete I will provide links here.

The redesign of US News Wars is finished, you can use it here.

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